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The following lecture notes, homeworks and solutions were developed by Dr. N.B. Jacobsen for a course on Linear Systems Theory taught at Columbia University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Sping 2012. The primary textbook for the course was "Linear Systems" by Prof. T. Kailath, Stanford University. Secondary reference text: "The Theory of Matrices" Vol. 1 and 2, F.R. Gantmacher.

Unpublished (handwritten) lecture notes on linear systems:
Matrix Algebras, Basic Properties of Matrices, Determinants notes1.pdf
Adjoint Matrix, Matrix Inverse, Cramer's Rule, Characteristic Polynomial notes2.pdf
Matrix Minors, Binet-Cauchy Formula, Polynomial Matrices, Invariant Polynomials, Diagonal Form notes3.pdf
Minimal Polynomial, Jordan Form, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem notes4.pdf
Review of Linear Time Invariant Systems, Laplace Transform, Dirac Delta Function notes5.pdf

Homeworks and their solutions (no peaking at the solutions before you try the exercises☺):
Homework #1 hw_01.pdf hw_01_soln.pdf
Homework #2 hw_02.pdf hw_02_soln.pdf
Homework #3 hw_03.pdf hw_03_soln.pdf
Homework #4 hw_04.pdf hw_04_soln.pdf
Homework #5 hw_05.pdf hw_05_soln.pdf
Homework #6 hw_06.pdf hw_06_soln.pdf
Homework #7 hw_07.pdf hw_07_soln.pdf
Homework #8 hw_08.pdf hw_08_soln.pdf
Homework #9 hw_09.pdf hw_09_soln.pdf
Homework #10 hw_10.pdf hw_10_soln.pdf
Homework #11 hw_11.pdf hw_11_soln.pdf
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