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CV (Tech/Data) of Dr. Noah B. Jacobsen Noah_cv.pdf
Noah's Performing Arts CV Noah_performingArtsCv.pdf
Letter of reference from Dr. Alexei Ashikhmin (Bell Labs Research, Murray Hill, NJ) AshikhminRecommendation_Dec17.pdf
Letter of reference from Prof. David F. Delchamps (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University) DelchampsRecommendation_Dec17.pdf
Letter of reference from Prof. Xiaodong Wang (Electrical Engineering, Columbia University) Xiaodong_RefLetter_07-22-2016.pdf
Offer letter from Prof. Keren Bergman (Electrical Engineering, Columbia University) for Adjunct Associate Professor Columbia_University_offer_letter.pdf
Noah's research statement: "Towards a general framework of machine intelligence" Noah_Research_Statement.pdf
Noah's teaching statement Noah_Teaching_Statement.pdf
Noah's postgraduate transcript (University of California, Santa Barbara) Noah_UCSB_Transcript.pdf
Noah's graduate transcript (Cornell University) Noah_Cornell_Transcript.pdf
Subsidiary Properties:
Aquerre Media Est. Apr. 2016
marsjazzproject Est. Jul. 2008
U.S. Copyrights:
"Our Love" (marsjazzproject) Music Composition/Lyrics Reg. #: SRu001366422 Reg. Date: 2019-02-18
"They Take It Away" (marsjazzproject) Music Composition/Lyrics Reg. #: SR0000813093 Reg. Date: 2018-01-29
"This Is The Time" (marsjazzproject) Music Composition/Lyrics Reg. #: SR0000790671 Reg. Date: 2016-12-20
"2016 California Department of Housing and Community Development Laws and Regulations" (Aquerre Media) Literary Work/Compilation Reg. #: TX0008399364 Reg. Date: 2016-05-26
"Beautiful." (marsjazzproject) Work of the Performing Arts Reg. #: PA0002033583 Reg. Date: 2016-05-26
U.S. Trademarks:
marsjazzproject -- Class 009: For musical sound recordings. REGISTERED 2017-12-12 Reg. #: 5353769
AQUERRE -- Class 009: For publications, namely, e-books on CD-ROM or downloadable from the Internet in the fields of law and government. Class 016: For publication, namely, printed books in the fields of law and government. REGISTERED 2017-06-13 Reg. #: 5221289
AQUERRE -- Class 009: For computer software for constructing, encoding, and decoding Error Control Codes ECCs. REGISTERED 2016-03-29 Reg. #: 4927115
U.S. Patents:
"Supervised Graph Learning" (with Mission Solutions Group) Application filed Sept. 16, 2021 (provisional), Apr. 12, 2022 (full) U.S. Application Serial No. 17/718,787
"Method and system for encoding data using rate-compatible irregular LDPC codes based on edge growth and parity splitting" (with Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs) Awarded June 21, 2011 U.S. Patent #7,966,548
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