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Our recent technology R&D proposals are linked in the table below. All content therein is copyright owned by Aquerre Technologies.
Agency Program Date of Proposal Proposal Title Topic or Sub-topic
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) 03-Feb-2017 "Advanced MIMO Capabilities for Gotcha Spiral II and Future SAR Imaging Systems" Research to Advance Comprehensive Exploitation of RF (RACER)
National Security Agency (NSA) Innovative Mission Capabilities (IMC) FY 2015 05-Apr-2015 "Automatic Graph Learning Algorithms" Data Discovery, Analysis, Exploitation, and Management
The following table contains data pertaining to Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I applications from Aquerre Technologies. We have focused on a concept of "Gun Control Technology" with the goal of preventing and mitigating active shooter events at schools, universities and other government and public spaces. We are always interested in your feedback, and you can reach us by e-mail at All content therein is copyright owned by Aquerre Technologies LLC.
SBIR Agency SBIR Number Date of Proposal Proposal Title Topic or Sub-topic Link to Review Feedback
Office of Naval Research (ONR) 15.1 25-Feb-2015 "Cognitive Radio Architectures for Cyberspace Operations" Cognitive Radio Architectures for Cyberspace Operations feedback4.pdf
Dept. of the Navy/Marine Corp (MARCOR) 14.2 25-Jun-2014 "Advanced Processing Algorithms for Ad-Hoc Ground Based Counter-Fire System" Ad-Hoc Ground Based Counter-Fire System feedback3.pdf
National Science Foundation (NSF) 13-599 02-Dec-2013 "Gun Control Network--A System Theoretic Development" Information and Communication Technologies feedback2.pdf
Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) 13.3 25-Sep-2013 "Gun Control Network--Context Adaptive Pattern Recognition with Multi-Source Data" Layered Data to Areas of Interest
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 13.2 22-May-2013 "Gun Control Network--Technology for Gun Violence Prediction and Estimation" Pre-Shot Sniper Detection in Urban Environments feedback0.pdf
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