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***The following software is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License***

The following table contains a collection of basic LUKS encryption BASH scripts in development by Aquerre Technologies (2014-2017).

Function Link
luksAddKey -- add new LUKS key by providing an existing key value luksAddKey
luksChangeKey -- change LUKS key by providing its value luksChangeKey
luksClose -- close LUKS device luksClose
luksDump -- print LUKS header information to STDOUT luksDump
luksFormat -- initialize device for use with LUKS luksFormat
luksHeaderBackup -- backup LUKS header to file luksHeaderBackup
luksHeaderRestore -- restore LUKS header from file luksHeaderRestore
luksKillSlot -- delete LUKS key in specified slot using another key luksKillSlot
luksOpen -- open LUKS device with valid key luksOpen
luksRmKey -- remove LUKS key by providing its value luksRmKey
luksTestKey -- test LUKS key for validity luksTestKey
luksUUID -- modify UUID of LUKS device luksUUID
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